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Whether you are starting a new application and want to download the Eligibility requirements for the course you wish to apply for or the entire Admissions Prospectus, or you are in the middle or end of the application cycle, and want to download the Admissions Test Syllabus and the Admissions Test & Interview Schedule, the Related Downloads page will give you access to all the documents you need.
Click on any of the following links to download the file. You will be able to view and save the file in PDF format on your computer.
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SSSIHL Admissions 2020

Model Test Papers


The universe is a great university. By pursuing a variety of studies - literary, scientific, political, economic and other studies - knowledge is acquired, but not peace of mind. Succumbing to insatiable desires, people are losing peace and leading meaningless lives. It is essential to practice spiritual discipline along with academic studies.

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