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How involved are they in Seva / Community Service?

At home and abroad, during times of natural disasters such as the Orissa cyclone, Gujarat earthquake, tsunami in Tamil Nadu and Andamans, floods in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, and Hurricanes in USA, alumni have rushed relief to the affected victims. The survey revealed that wherever adequate number of alumni were located, they worked together as a group to coordinate service activities. In other cases, they did service as part of the SSSSO or other voluntary organisations. The survey also highlighted that a considerable number of alumni were in leadership positions at various levels of the Sri Sathya Seva Organizations.

What are the typical roles they play in Sai Organizations?

  • Lead Bhajan Singer 
  • Coordinating Narayan Seva 
  • As a Speaker 
  • Seva Coordinator 
  • Coordinating Health Camps
  • Study Circle Coordinator 
  • Coordinating Village Service Programmes
  • Educare / Bal Vikas Teacher

What are the typical roles they play in other Organizations?

  • Feeding the poor & hungry 
  • Providing Education 
  • Childrens’ Welfare 
  • Medical Camps 
  • Environmental Projects 
  • Rural Development

The Integral Education system at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning has changed my outlook and given a very unique way of handling life and situations. It brings in a good blend of humanness and professionalism. We learnt to have genuine care for other fellow beings. Above all we learnt that the immortal dicta of our Revered Founder Chancellor, Love All Serve All and Help Ever Hurt Never, are not just good for philosophical discussions but are the very core of a happy and satisfying life.

Abhimanyu Kaul
Commerce Alumnus, Entrepreneur
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