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The colloquium provides an opportunity for doctoral research scholars, teaching faculty and visiting experts to share their research experiences with one another. It breaks down barriers of communication and helps merge traditionally distinct scientific disciplines, thereby creating new opportunities for research.
All the science departments (across campuses) of the university participate, using the videoconference facility. The topics for 2014/15 were:

SSSIHL Science Colloquium Topics 2014/15

  • Avoiding the Antibiotic Armageddon
  • Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Nanocarbon-based Supercapacitors for Next Generation Energy Storage
  • Next generation catalysts for fuel cells: An energy storage perspective
  • Transdisciplinary inspirations for today's innovative solutions
  • Design in Discovery of Drugs - Help & Myth
  • Antioxidant potential of aniseeds (Pimpinella Anisum L.) and identification of phytochemicals- an in vitro study
  • Searches for new elements - Past, Present and Future
  • Mathematics-Exploring into complexity
  • Causes of cancer and dietary agents for prevention & therapy of cancer
  • Pixel to Patient Care
  • Research in Biomaterials
  • Spatiotemporal Effects: Conformation of the Reactants vs Intramolecular Reactivity
  • Laser sintering of Silver Nanoparticles
  • Gas Hydrate Resources

By preparing students merely for answering certain questions in examinations, they are induced to concentrate only on certain portions of a subject and not the subject as a whole. There is a need for an inter-disciplinary approach so that the connection between one subject and another is properly understood.

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